Tasteful Typography Project

Amy Standage.Tasteful Typography

I’m taking a risk here.

For my final Tasteful Typography project, I decided to go with the one I liked the most rather than our instructor’s favorite. Mind you, this one won (for me) by a very narrow margin. I think I have a soft spot for vintage typewriters.

I did this project on Microsoft Word. Here is a screen shot:

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 5.00.15 PM

Process: First, I determined that writers would be my audience and my message would be one of encouragement during moments of writer’s block. I sketched what I thought would make a good image. Then I went in a completely different direction. After googling several different ideas, I found this image of a typewriter here. Then I googled “quotes about writer’s block.” The quote I decided on isn’t about writer’s block but it does speak to my heart because I like to write.

(Well, I say I like to write but it’s really a torturous endeavor. Sometimes I think writers are masochists. Breaking hearts is part of our business, starting with our own.)

Critique Report: I posted my completed image on the class Facebook page and received the following critique from Tessie Conkey on Tuesday: she loved the image but suggested I raise the quote a little bit, which I did. Also on Tuesday, Natalia Gray pointed out to me that I needed an extra object, such as a line. So I added a line between the title and the body.

Font name/category used: Ameritype, serif for the title, and Euphemia, sans-serif for the body. Why I chose the weirdly named Euphemia I have no idea. Probably because the name was weird.

And because I just love these other two images so much, I decided to add them as a bonus.

This one includes my favorite quote (I love to travel):

Amy Standage.Tasteful Typography2

And I love to read.

Tasteful Typography3

Incidentally, this poem is from the Lord of the Rings musical. The best musical to have ever been cancelled.


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