Event Flier project

Here is my finished flier:

Flyer 2

My critique process was interesting. On Tuesday, October 13, I posted my first draft of the project on Facebook, got a few compliments, and only one piece of advice from Melanie Erickson. She didn’t quite know what to make of the blue text box and suggested I take the lines at the bottom and mirror them on the top. So I reworked the wording to simplify it and took out the blue transparent text box. Then I reposted my new version and again, got lots of compliments. This made me feel great! But I also got more wonderful advice from Melanie. She suggested I make the wording under the title a little thicker so it’s easier to read. Both critiques and compliments are immensely helpful and I thank my classmates for both bolstering my confidence and helping me refine my design.

Here is a screenshot of my original design on Microsoft word:

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 4.07.25 PM

My process:
I like to run and I love Disney so I thought I’d create a “costume run” for my event. My benefactor is the Make a Wish foundation, or all children who have their wishes granted by this wonderful foundation. I found this image of a little girl and Cinderella here: http://cdn2.hellogiggles.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/22/slide_419330_5349794_free.jpg
My audience is the running/athletic community or anyone who would like to benefit the Make a Wish foundation. My message is one of magic, hope, and fun. I chose a color scheme based on the vibrant blue of Cinderella’s dress and the Make a Wish logo. It ended up being a monochromatic color scheme with the blue and white. This made the picture of Cinderella and the little girl stand out all the more.
Designing with Microsoft Word is a challenge. I was so tempted to use photoshop. But I didn’t! Every bit of this project was done with Microsoft Word. I blocked out various parts of the Make a Wish logo with drawn shapes so that it would fit my title, “Run for Wishes.”

Fonts used
Title: Trajan Pro serif because it matched the Make a Wish logo’s font.
Body: Avenir sans-serif.

Here is the link for the Make a Wish foundation logo I used:



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