8A Social Media Marketing Project

For this project, I chose to create an infographic about ways to save money at Target. I got the information from a blog post at http://www.passionforsavings.com/21-secrets-to-saving-money-at-target/.

The Social Media strategy is to use the infographic as a quick way to attract customers to shopping at Target (because, let’s face it, Target is every Mommy’s playground). My main audience is females between the ages of 18 and 65, or anyone who would like to save a few bucks. The objective is simple: quick info in a nice-looking format that can easily be shared through Facebook or Pinterest. These two social media platforms will connect easily to my target audience.

Here’s my finished product:

Target infographic

For my process, I went to piktochart.com and signed up for a free account. I picked the infographic template I liked best and customized it from there. Most of the fonts here were already on the infographic. I added the Target logo through piktochart’s easy-to-use customizing interface with just red and white circles. I changed the body copy to a sans-serif font for clarity in reading and darkened the subtitles in each section to give it some texture and hierarchy. I also added the arrows and dotted swirls to make it cute. Women like cute.

I submitted the finished infographic to the Passion For Savings website administrator and she really liked it! I told her she was free to use it in her website (since all the information is hers) and I really hope she does!

My critique process began with Facebook, where I posted it to be reviewed by my classmates. Tessie Conkey loved the dotted lines and arrows. Melanie Erickson, Natalia Gray, and Sue Bates all said it looked great. Brother Stucki also reviewed it and said it was nicely done. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself! I did make a few tweaks to streamline it (decreased the size on some of the titles, moved boxes around slightly, aligned some of the text) but I’m happy with the finished product.

Image source: all images were created through piktochart. Target symbol is a registered trademark to Target stores.

Font names: League Gothic (sans serif), Satisfy (decorative, used for the number labels only), Pacifico (decorative), and Questrial (sans serif)


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