LFC Photography Activity

Outdoor Light


Indoor Light






Lead Room/Rule of Thirds
Lead Room/Rule of Thirds


Lead Room


For images 1, 5, and 6, I took my kids for a walk outside and took pictures. Our church building is really close to where we live and I let my little boy run around in the grass outside of it. The weather is so beautiful in Arizona right now! I love the look on my son’s face in the last picture. It’s very characteristic. He makes that face when he’s feeling feisty.

Image 2 was set up in my son’s room next to his bedroom window. He’s had that monkey (or at least one identical to it…we had to replace it once) since he was born. For images 3 and 4, I took some pictures of my baby on his 6 month “birthday.” I take monthly pictures of my kids during their first year. I am in love with my sweet baby’s big brown eyes. His older brother’s monkey is in the background. We need to get him one too I guess.

The editing process began easily: the Lightroom tutorials were pretty cool and I enjoyed enhancing each photo and removing little imperfections. I don’t like the look of photos that are overly airbrushed so I kept that to a minimum. But when it came to the watermark, I wanted to shoot my eyes out. I couldn’t figure out how to do it for the life of me. The options wouldn’t show up in the export box. It just wasn’t there. I tried a roundabout way of doing it and after many google searches, tears of frustration (I admit it), and wanting to curse the name of watermark forever. The final product is the ugliest watermark there ever was but it’s there. Done.


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