9A Collage

Amy Standage 9A copy

Here is my collage. My images come from my box of various souvenirs I brought back from my trip to England nine years ago. (Wow, has it been that long??) I included various angles of the box itself, some ticket stubs and pamphlets, a few books, a flag, and a bottle of dirt. Yes, that is English dirt. (Side note: I didn’t actually get the dirt myself. Some friends went to England a few years after I did and brought the dirt back for me. It was all I asked for. I know, I’m weird. And obsessed. But I own some English soil!)

My process: I used early morning light from my back door and photographed the box on my fake wood floor. The effect was actually really nice and I liked it a lot. Then I uploaded the pictures to Lightroom, toned down the colors and gave it a dark vignette. Then I chose my favorite angles and pasted them on a single canvas created to  1024×1024 pixels. That way I knew at least one side fit the size specifications. Then I used the line tool to create the grid separation with white lines set at 5 pixels.

Critique: I showed my classmates on Facebook, who are all so incredibly sweet and loved the picture! Brother Stucki critiqued it and pointed out some problems I had with alignment. I also needed a little more contrast and variety and of course I’d forgotten to use a blending mode on one of my pictures. So I changed things around a little bit, fixed the alignment, changed a couple pictures, and added a textured picture. The texture is rough cement from my back porch!

The last thing I did was experimental: I darkened the lines around my picture to a really dark brown, almost black. I loved the effect!


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