10A Movie Poster

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this assignment. I’ve actually done this type of thing before…many times.

Here’s my finished product:


This is from a real movie called Austenland, a romantic comedy based on the book by Shannon Hale. It’s one of my favorite books (the movie is hilarious, but just not as good as the book). I wanted the message to be bright and fun, like the movie. I’m also a huge Jane Austen fan, like the main character in the film. And my husband is pretty much exactly like Mr. Darcy so it works.

As far as the process goes, it took many many hours to get it right. I had to do a lot of different layers. The background is one, the actors’ names at the top are another, the title is another, and of course myself is another. I also had to layer the lettering on the bag to match the hot pink title and make it look like it’s on the bag. I took a picture of myself wearing a shirt similar to the one the actress had on and posed in a similar way. I used unsharp mask on myself, deleting a few spots to reveal a less-sharp picture beneath it so it would soften me up. The title was a little blurry so I brought in a higher resolution one from another site. I also added my name at the top (I couldn’t get the font exactly right) and in the lower lettering.

Critique: my classmates are so sweet. Natalia Gray and Taylor Fabis loved everything in it. Melanie Erickson said she couldn’t tell where I ended and the actress began, all of which were wonderful complements. Brother Stucki suggested I fix my name at the top (which I tried and still couldn’t get it right), and add a layer to the wording on the bag to make it look more textured. I liked how that turned out. He also suggested I add a few tidbits in the lettering: little hidden fun things. I did that too, with the website http://www.thebookwasbetter.com.

Fonts: Gill Sans (title) Movie Font (sans-serif lower title) Avenir (sans-serif, website at the bottom).

Links to pictures:





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