11A Webpage Prototype


First I brainstormed ideas on what kind of website I wanted. I used to teach dance years ago and I’ve always thought it would be fun to start my own studio. Then I looked up other dance studio websites online and made mental note of the things I liked about them. I also wrote down colors I liked. Then I created the sketch. I included a list of the items I needed on the side so I wouldn’t forget anything.


Then I created the wire frame using photoshop. It wasn’t too hard to put together and I really like digitizing my sketches. The wire frame made everything look neat. Then I went back to the web to look for images as well as mission statements and other typography on dance studio websites. Once I had the images I wanted, I made my rough draft of the website prototype.


Critique: I posted my rough draft to the Facebook group on Monday. Melanie Erickson suggested I put the address and phone number on one line. The phone number was a poor little orphan hanging out all by itself. Katie Hale agreed with her. Katie also suggested making the mission statement black and adding a pink box in the background. But to keep it unified with the rest of the page, I decided to rearrange the elements and put the mission statement on the bottom, make the wording pink, and vary the size of the letters to give it some visual interest. These comments were helpful and made me rethink the layout of my rough draft.

Then I went back and thought more about the FOCUS process. I added more length to increase negative space. I also wanted the elements to be unified so I gave the rest of the pictures a fading gradient to match the header. I added social media icons at the bottom, checked to make sure everything was aligned, and did a few final tweaks to the logo and the wording.

Color Scheme: monochromatic (black and white/light pink)

Font names: Trade Gothic (sans serif), Centaur (serif)

Photo links:

En pointe dancer/child: http://www.omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/JamesAlex.jpg

Feet: http://terresdanceworkshop.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/kids-ballet-dance-lessons-dayton-oh.jpg

Line of dancers: http://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/9bea4e6e48972a2ea54515533e5d26b1bee83009/c=180-0-4352-3566/local/-/media/2015/10/21/Nashville/Nashville/635810262415011750-TheaterMainBallet-1025-03.jpg

Dancer logo: http://www.clipartpanda.com/categories/dancer-clipart-silhouette


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