12A Magazine Spread

Whoever said online school was easy never took school online.

Just saying.

I have a three year old, a demanding baby, and strep throat so bear with me.

Here’s my sketch for the magazine spread:


Here is my shape map, roughly similar:


And here is my spread:

Magazine spread rough draft


I had a really hard time with this assignment because the experience¬†is both painful and sacred. But I wanted to take it seriously and I couldn’t think of anything else to write about. So I did a couple sketches knowing I had some pictures that would work with my theme. My audience is anyone suffering from a loss; especially the loss of a child. My message is one of hope, healing, and testimony. After doing my first shape map (which was based on a different sketch), I realized the arrangement wouldn’t work, so I scrapped it and started fresh with this sketch. Things came together more easily but making sure the details (especially the column alignment and the word placement) were a challenge. I sometimes wish I could just sit all day and design without interruptions, but that just isn’t possible.


I posted the spread to Facebook and to Brother Stucki and I got some wonderful feedback. Melanie suggested moving the alignment of the pictures so they were both overlapping the center. Brother Stucki suggested blending the pictures into the background. He also suggested I let the type flow into the picture (making sure the type was still legible) and aligning my columns. That is HARD WORK! After printing, I noticed my colors need tweaking and I have a little orphan hanging out at the end of the first paragraph in the second column. Whoops. I also need to fix the line through the top picture.

Printing out the spread was a good idea.

Fonts: Avenir (sans-serif), Baskerville (old style), Great Vibes (decorative)

All the images belong to me, the bottom right taken by my friend Leigh Root and the upper left taken by my sister Jen Roberts.



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